Galletto throttle

The throttle twist grip for a Galletto 192 is internal to the handlebars. With the cable and mechanism cleaned and lubed, the carb will not close automatically. The carb slide moves freely but the spring in the carb seems small.
Is the throttle supposed to close by the spring alone on these models?

No idea myself, Adam Bolton is the best to ask about Galletos. I spotted this on ebay, is this the same? Any good for you? It looks distinctly Italian.

I have a Galletto 175 which also has an internal throttle. On that, the only thing making the throttle return is the spring in the carburettor.

Hi - I had the same prob on my 160 Galletto, putting in a better spring helps but the thing that was really affecting mine were kinks in the throttle cable especially where you can’t see it. I made a new one from a bicycle brake cable. I had to file down the stopper ends to get them to fit the carb slide and the twist grip but it worked. Fiddly in the twist grip end with a tiny grub screw and bits to drop out but you probably know that already. JOHN

You should be able to get a new spring from Eurocarb. Their service is always brilliant and there stock is amazing for ancient carbs.

Thanks for the advice. I got a new spring and various other bits from Eurocarb. Its suprising whats still available. The new spring and a new cable made a difference, but the problem seems to with the spring located in the end of the twist grip. With this spring in the throttle still sticks, but without it works fine. What is the purpose of this spring? Everything seems ok without it, is it just to reduce end float in the twist grip?

Could it be something that someone has added in the past? Check in the parts book to see if it should be in there.
I don’t see anything myself, page 193