Gambalunga missing

Not sure when to expect my magazine…February now and no sign of a 2024 magazine…

It has been out for a week or so now so you should have received it. I’m not sure who you contact to chase it up
@rogershuff possibly?

previously, similar enquiries on the FB group have advised that (after a reasonable period of waiting) one should enquire at Membership Secretary [Jennet -i.e’ ‘’]

I rcvd mine W4 January. which was (counts on fingers) only last week.

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I believe Jennet has stood down so no idea who is membership sec now, if we even have one. Club politics eh.

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Advice and email address still stands. Any further discussion on this matter in the Member’s (Only) area please.

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Confused … erm discussion outside of the club is not permitted ?

So you send me a link to the t&c’s…?
I thought this was a location for conversation…you could just be like, friendly and inform me of the specifics … There are far too many spurious rules in the developed world to read and absorb the meaning of all of them…

As Barry said, please ask Jennet (who is still in post) nicely for a copy (sometimes the odd delivery goes AWOL). Roger


How do l
ask anyone specific a question on this site…?

I really do not understand what that means Barry


What do you want to ask and what has Barry said that you do not understand?

If you let us know I’m sure we can help.


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If it’s Jennet then best to email her.
If it’s a DM to someone on the forum click/ touch on their name in the top left of their post and there will be a bix to select Message.

Thankyou. Janett was very helpful and established an incorrect post code. This was resolved via a conventional telephone conversation…


Excellent news. Glad it’s sorted.