Just re-assembling my 1976 much modified T3. When I replaced engine bits many years ago, I used gasket cement on the gaskets - which I’ve spent ages removing from the mating surfaces.
My question is do I need to use some kind of gasket cement or will grease suffice? I’ve tried googling it and as you’d expect there are as many opinions as days in the year…
I’m veering towards just using grease, but I don’t want to put it all back together, refill it with oil and then watch it drip all over the floor.


Grease works a treat, clean as a whistle if you need to disassemble and you can use the gasket again…result.
(The only gasket I don’t grease is the head to barrel)

Ditto from me.

Same ere…

Used to use gasket gunge, avoid it now, too much hassle. Plus risk of clogging up oilways with the ‘overflow’. Plus as you say the aggro of scraping it off.

Agree with the grease only except I use the old engine oil.
And agree not on head gaskets.
My '84 le mans is still on it’s origonal rocker and sump gaskets.

Grease it is then, thank you to all who replied :sunglasses:


LM grease for me too