Gear indicator on V7 III ?

Hi All, I have just purchased a 2018 V7 III Special. Does this have a gear indicator? If so I am unable to find any literature on how to set this up on one of the LED screens. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks

Press the mode button? Only the odometer display (total miles) doesn’t show the gear number, at top left of screen. All other displays will show it. Note, from the manual: “The selected gear is calculated from the vehicle speed and engine speed values. If the clutch lever is applied or if the vehicle is stationary, this calculation is not possible and the symbol “-” is displayed.”

Unless your’s is broken in some way … :scream:

Appendix: when low fuel light is on steady, the display keeps reverting to ‘number of miles since reserve light came on.’

Many thanks Mike, that is most helpful, I’ll give that a go this weekend. Best regards

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