Gear selected indicator

Hello, I am new to MG and have just bought a V7 iii Special. Is it me or is the gear selected indicator temperamental. It indicates with a hyphen that I am in neutral when I am in either 1st or 2nd.
Is it a case of me not being used to it or should I just cover that part of the screen with some black tape.

If the problem hasn’t been sorted, is the bike still under guarantee ?

Does the hyphen not disappear when the bike is in normal motion for the gear?

I am really I didn’t reply to this straight away but I have only just seen the notification, I’m not sure why.
Anyway, yes it was me not the gear select indicator, I am now riding my Guzzi regularly and loving every moment.

Thanks again

Hi Tat, I have just purchased a 2018 V7 III Special. Does this have a gear indicator? If so I am unable to find any literature on how to set this up on one of the LED screens. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks