Gearbox Oil 2v V1200 Sport

Just serviced my son’s V1200. Manual says 500cc gear oil. Actually takes nearer 750 to the level plug (bike upright). Can anyone clarify?

Not sure with the V1200 but with the V50 the swinging arm has to be horizontal. It then takes the correct amount.

Thanks Steve, but the V50 (my 1st Guzzi) is from a different era and has a centre stand.

The V1200 should logically be filled with the bike upright to the edge of the level check hole (clue is in the name). It is the difference between actual and handbook oil quantity that is bugging me.

Never noticed that. My Breva 1100 is the same. I’ve always followed the manual’s procedure:

Excellent! Many thanks for the response. Either two of us are getting it wrong, or everyone else is.

Seriously, the manual excerpt you quote makes much more sense than the “just tip in 500cc” approach.