Gearbox oil leak - T3

On my 850-T3 California there seems to be a weep of gearbox oil coming out of the zone around where the clutch push-rod is actuated via the arm.
Is this easy to fix?
I am getting a bit fed up of all the niggling problems!
Yet another oily stain on the garage floor.
All the best,

Dis-connect clutch cable, pull arm back and remove clutch plunger, put new o-ring on, stick plunger back in, re-connect cable. It’s a little bit awkward to get to and you have to be careful that you don’t lose any of the thrust bearing bits but it’s an easy fix.

As above easy fix BUT buddy if you have what is a 30 yr old + bike it will “mark it’s territory”

What I find with my 1976 V1000 is IF I put modern synth or semi synth oil in it it does seem to get past the oil seals until you replace them with the more modern seals, these bikes were made to run on basic 20/50 oil There WILL be all sorts of folk who tell you THEY put ubrfantastich synthetic dooffrey oil in their ??? bike BUT many of those DO have newer seals fitted and other work done or the odd one is just lucky or mebbe does not do the type or number of miles.

I cover many miles on the V1000 Summer ans Winter all I can say is the synthetic ans semi synth DOES get past some places, SOOO I get the 20/50 oils and rarely have it blow past unless I have a VERY long 80+ ride 2 up fully loaded.

I was going to say try new O-ring seal on the plunger thingy. Reason for edit: torkin’ rowlocks again Nurse, where’s me tablets… HTH

Mike H2013-10-20 18:57:11

Took me 2 years to find and fix all the leaks on my Spada. So doesn’t sound too unusual to me.

I am using gear box oil of the correct spec including the right amount of moly slip.
I replaced the O ring and indeed the whole assembly when I rebuilt the bike so it is a bit irritating to find the O ring is leaking after so little use.
Oh well!

GTM had the same thing after his recent rebuild.Maybe modern O Rings aren’t up to scratch. Maybe I ought to have a look at mine, been a few years since I replaced it!Don-Spada2013-10-20 21:26:58

I think you can tell by how tight it is in the 'ole? (if you pardon the expression) One thing I did succesfully once, put a strip of insulation tape in the slot under the O-ring, makes it slightly fatter.