gearbox oil V1000 lemans

any recommendations for gearbox oil (1986 le mans 1000) ie; make and viscosity?

and anything else i can do to make gear change slicker? or is that just what guzzis are like?

I use this, 750ml in the gearbox, 250ml in the drive box

I use a straight 90 oil, with a bit of molyslip. Guzzi gearchange is not as slick as a Jap bike! In my experience you have to be quite definite about changes.
Next oil change I have some 75W-90 to try, which may improve things when cold.

The gearboxes vary quite a lot. What you will normally have is false neutrals , sometimes between 4th and 5th, but on mine between second and third. The gears should go in easily enough, but it is quite a long action compared with a Japanese bike for example.
They don’t last for ever and they may need looking at after 50000 miles or so. If they are put together by someone who knows them, they should be fine, but they need to be set up properly.
Listen for any whine which could indicate a bearing issue.

I ended up using Comma 85W-140 with a dash of molyslip in it, in my 850 LM box (which latterly came from off a Cali 3), and operating the pedal simultaneously with pulling the clutch lever. YMMV.

Agree, my 2 are quite different. 850GT is slow and obstructive but has no false neutrals. The Spada is much quicker and easier shifting, but does find false neutral unless I am firm with it.

Yes I’ve found the false neutrals alright, as described, between 2nd/3rd going up and 5/4th going down. Usually to be found when i forget and try to hurry along thinking i’m riding a le mans as a sporty bike! My bikes only done 27k mile so nothing appears to be worn yet, the clutch is acceptably light and clears easily.

I suppose its down to my riding style. I like to stay off the brakes and drop down a gear into and out of bends. For me Jap boxes have always been dependable but a bit clunky, I’m used to the superior snickability of the triumph five speed box as fitted to T150/160 tridents

So what do we make of this from Dave Richardson of Guzziology fame speaking of the 5 speed big twin gearboxes …

" the latest ones (again introduced late in 1999 with the Jackal and Quota 1100 ES) have a revised shift detent pawl (2823 4700) that makes them shift better (an easy update to all previous small-twin and big-twin manual transmissions).

is it worth a try? or is it just learn to lump it (part of the guzzi character) and if so how do track riders put up with it?