Gearbox Radial Needle Roller T3


The bearing currently fitted has an i.d. of 25mm and o.d. of 42mm and is 2mm thick with a 1mm thick shim/washer either side.
Someone has been in the box in the past and all is not quite as it should be, so I’m hoping that someone can confirm whether this bearing is correct. Main reason I’m asking is the 25mm i.d. is quite sloppy on the shaft and I don’t know whether this is right.

Thanks Norman

Hi Norman,You mean the one that sits on the nose of the main shaft, (or cluster shaft as Pete Roper calls it)?I’ve a 'box in bits at home so I’ll check when I get in.I take it that Martin got the tools and spares to you?GJ

Hi Graham,
Yes Martin got here with your tools etc and we’ve been busy dissecting the box. Some shims seem to have migrated in the past to places they shouldn’t be but moving things to where the parts lists/manuals show makes things work much better.
Thank - you for the loan of the kit.
Cheers Norman

If you’re talking about the needle roller thrust bearing it should be 41.7 x 25 x 2.

Thank-you - it was the 25mm I was worried about; its quite sloppy on the shaft but if that’s how they’re meant to be… Normski2012-10-09 21:17:44