Gearbox strip

Looks like i need to strip the gearbox on my GRiSO.
What special tools are needed?

Any hints or tips?

Hi. I’ve a good box for an 1100 griso . 20000 miles no faults but has been painted black £200

Sorry I should have said - my GRiSO is a 1200, i understand that the 1100 box is different.
However I have managed to get a 1200 gearbox and now just have to get the engine back in the frame lol


The 1200 Sport gearbox fitted easily.
The Sport and Norge boxes have different gearing than the GRiSO & Stelvio gearbox
Rrimary transmission is about 8% lower but 5th and 6th are higher so it has the same top but more “go” in the lower gears.

Overall ratios are 8% lower for the first four gears, 5th is 5% lower and top is 0.5% lower so as close to the same as you can tell.

I’d like to raise the Gearing on my Stelvio.
Just getting sixth higher would do, but raising fifth and sixth would maybe be better overall.

I’ve always felt it could easily pull a higher ratio in top, even two-up and fully loaded.

Will look into it, I have a 2008 Stelvio ‘project’ Bike with a Gearbox Fault, so I need to split that anyway.

I think (from the handbooks) there are only 2 gearboxes on the 1200 Carc bikes. The GRiSO/Stelvio one and the Norge/Sport one.

The two types are differentiated on primary ratios and also internal ratios for 5th and 6th.
Normally the lower primary ratio on the Sport/Norge lowers the first 4 ratios and the higher 5th and 6th in that box gives the same top ratios as Stelvio and GRiSO . (The 1100 and 850 have the same gear ratios as the Stelvio/GRiSO but lower primary drive ratios.)

But if you mixed the internals using your primary ratios to drive a Sport Norge gear cluster, it looks like you could raise top by 7% and 5th by 3.5%.