I have been looking for the Tech spec 's
Final drive gearing between a norge and Breva 1100

The breva was geared slightly higher if i remember right
Can this be confirmed

A recent copy of Guzziology should tell you, mine’s not that new.

Mmmm Anybody got a new copy they could have a look in.

I am sure the norge was geared lower because of the luggage and fairing.
Just want to confirm it

the tech specs are on greg benders site bud

Could you give me the link for that.

You mean

Don’t mention it …

I am buggered if i can find the specs on the site.
There are owners manuals.

The reason i want to know is can i alter the gearing via the final drive IE CARC

Same here. I found one reference that it’s 8% lower geared than a Griso. I think.

Can I ask why you want to know?