Gel/Memory foam seats?

Hi guys I’ve done a search and cant find much at the moment?

I just wondered if anyone has ever fitted or upgraded there rider seat to gel or memory foam, and if so was it worth it and where and how much did it cost, I’m not unhappy with my Stelvio seat as I’ve not done a long trip on it yet, but I am planning a trip down/up to Croatia to visit friends which will take us 4 days to get there, and 4/5 days to get back home, now I’m not a small bloke, I go over 20 stone and I’m just a bit worried about comfort, we are planning to cover around 300 mile a day (I think that’s a nice number of miles per day with breaks in between)

Thanks in advance for any help and advice…

Where do you live?
Paul Nahooliakan lives locally and does the F1 teams in the area.
I have a lil’Breva seat I am going to give him when the roads clear.

Stelvio Pete had memory foam in his seat and still ended up with an Air Hawk, which he much prefered. JT.

Thanks guys, funnily enough I looked at Air Hawk, Ill have another look and check it out…

I had my (ahem) BMW F650GS twin seat fitted with memory foam by this chap:

He’s a spit from Brands Hatch, or does mail order.

The BM went from being half-an-hour for a sore arse, to four hours or more.

He fits gel pads too, which my mate loves on his KTM…

The previous owner of my Nevada had the seat swapped to memory foam at Saxon Saddles who also do it by post. Have the receipt which is for £150 including delivery charges. Agree with blind lemon ade, it’s about 3-4 hours before numb bum kicks in,

so what is so good about the Cali 1100i seat then. bog standard, but i can ride from edinburgh to london with only petrol stops and still walk at the other end. The convert I had was probably an even better seat for long hauls

I am not changing the lil Breva seat because it is uncomfortable.
Off super slabs it is fine.
It needs recovering and I want to make about 25mm taller.

The V1000 seat fits many other bikes and IS one of the most comfy seats they make, Only last year I bought a King /Queen seat on e-bay, it has been made onto a Guzzi base and obviously upholstered by someone who knows their stuff it is very very comfy indeed I wish I knew who made it.

I have had Memory Foam inserts put in to my seats - it has turned the bike (1100 Sporti) in to a long distance tourer! I had this work done by :

Sussex Motorcycles

Henfield, BN5 9AT

Tel : 01273 491362

Chris is a really good guy and a craftsman - he did the work while I waited. Fantastic service.

Big fan of gel and memory foam for seats, as most of you probably know by now…

Between Bloke and I, we have had just about every bike seat we own reupholstered in this fashion

For example the Norge seat still looks standard but it’s narrower and a lot more comfortable than the original ever was

An airhawk is one more thing to forget and IMO they are seriously ugly too

I haven’t used memory foam but I’m a big fan of gel. My Cali III seats were much improved after being re-upholstered and fitted with gel inserts. Losing the deep buttoning also helped. Before… After… The guy who re-covered them (Saddlecraft at South Shields) makes his own gel too.

Sarah uses a Gel Pad on the Calli as she finds the rack bar can dig in to her bum/lower back, she says its great, very comfy. Ive heard Air Hawk pads can feel a bit ‘slippy’?
The gel pad she uses simply clips over the exising seat meaning it can go from bike to bike if needed.
c£40 from guy who tours India on Royal Enfield Bullet and writes books about it all…does the big shows…oooh wassshissname…lol

oh and Viking Seats Ive used,did fine budget repair on the TS250 seat…rossoandy2013-04-14 23:53:15