General question - MGCGB Marketplace

How do I put photos onto marketplace as I’m advertising my late buddy 's Guzzi’s and a beemer r100 rs.

If you’re on the MGCGB website (this is the forum) and signed in you can create a ‘Market Place Listing’ from the menu shown when clicking on your ‘icon’ (at top right) - everything you need is then presented, including the menu to upload an image (my advice would be to have those images ready, on your device, before you start).

Be aware that free listings are for members only. I’m not the gatekeeper here, but buddy or not, if the bikes aren’t yours… I’ll leave you to consider that nuance.

Hope this helps.

Thanks Barry no problem with paying to list just helping out my pals wife to sell his bikes,who do I make the payment to?

All of those instructions can be found on the MGCGB site: