Giro South West Rally 2022

From Russel Benney:

The countdown is on for the 2022 TMR; In seven weeks, 60 tiddlers will gather in the courtyard for the start of 500 mile ride. The event will commence at 13.00hrs on the 10th September, with machines away at 1 minute intervals, headed south west for the first stop on the South Devon coast, before taking to the moors. Twenty manufacturers are represented this year – with an array from Mondial and Parilla to BMW and BSA !

We love it when the excitement starts to rise and the stories roll in – Will Phil Cooper get the necessary parts to complete his 1956 MV 2T in time… Will Richard Hyatt’s Bantam last the distance… Will Tony Pashley complete

the build of his new 175cc Mondial – will Stuart Scott’s BMW R25 get its reg. number on time…all unanswerable questions.

We do however know that we are getting the biggest collection of tiddlers (with most being Moto Giro eligible) together this year and that the fun will start with the pre-event BBQ at Moxhill Farm in the evening on Friday 9th September.

Lida and Louise will be ‘manning’ the No.1 breakdown van, with Marcus King in No.2. Tien will look after the baggage transfer in Van No.3. Lets hope the ladies have a quiet afternoon. !

On a serious note – please make sure that all participants take their preparation and testing seriously…

The route cards will be issued to the entrants in mid-August.

Please keep the photos coming in for the Facebook page – everyone is keen to see what’s going to be there on the day. !

See you in September.

Regards, Russell and the Giro South West team.