GIVI EH8203 Hand Guard Extensions

Has anyone fitted these and are they worth buying? Not long since picked up my V85 and was a fairly sunny day and short distance, so didnt notice any issues with MG hand guards.

Are any other handguards better than OEM ie Barkbusters?

i have installed aprillia caponord handguards, i dont think the protect the levers any better and in fact may be not as good as the stock items as they seem to cover higher up and flex more, but they are bigger so more wind protection. as the weather has warmed up it isn’t possible to say how much of an improvement this is, I’ll find out next winter.
i have been looking at stelvio handguards and suspect they may fit also, with a bit of bending. the caponord guards are about half an inch too wide, but you can bend them to fit. also had to drill the mirror stalk hole out wider.

i should add during the winter i dropped the bike on ice and the stock items prevented any broken levers so they work well from that perspective.

Thanks for the info. Will be interesting to have other product reviews from club members to see best workable product.

Tony, we have fitted the EH8203’s to our V85TT. They offer useful additional wind protection to your hands and combined with standard Guzzi heated grips, cold weather riding is a lot more comfortable.

Givi EH8203’s are expensive but they fit properly and look stylish.