Givi Monokey on a Griso?

Has anyone fitted a Givi Monokey top box to a Griso? Presumably you’d need a non-specific Givi base plate, but what rack would that fit?

I would think you could fit a universal base plate to any rack, as long as it doesn`t have an upstand at the seat end as some do as that may prevent the box from fully locating onto the plate.

Does the B11 rack fit the Griso? If so then the Monokey base for the Guzzi or Aprillia will fit.
Cheers, Gerry.

Anyone know if the B11 does fit? Surely someone has fitted what must be the world’s favorite top box to a Griso?

I don’t think the rear end of the Griso is the same as the Breva/Norge, so I doubt it.