Glowball Posterior Cisterns

Can anyone enlighten me as to the most efficient way to put waypoints into both Garmin and TomTom devices?

The reason is this: I am building a list of waypoints and don’t want to spend too much time putting the waypoint location into the devices for the days run.
I have sourced all the waypoint postcodes and am assuming that both specie of GPS, above, will have some method of manually inputing and using postcodes to determine the waypoint location?
Putting in coordinates as in Lat & Long would be too much of a faff and more likely to be prone to error by operator methinks.

Anyone out there with experiences of such dohinkies?

p.s. ideally I should like to squirt this info from a tablet or iPhone into the devices by serial / bluetooth - is this also possible?

On my Garmin put in start and finish postcodes and then via’s.
Without said device in front of me I cannot say how but even a Luddite like myself managed it.
It is apparantly even easier if you own a tablet, pc or similer I am told.
Mike H will be along to give you full instructions.

Thx Ian… a guy at work has a Tom Tom and said it was postcodes he poked into the device. I was assuming that Garmin was similar. My only experience with Garmin is with OS GRs and Lat/Long from being a WAFI - either of those two methods are long winded and prone to error.
Its for the MMT in May - morning briefings and route planning should take a max of 10 mins otherwise it becomes a chore…

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I know how to do it with Google maps, but not sat-navs (works of Satan, spawn of Beelzebub, etcetera…


Always put postcodes into works Tom Tom…usually ask google on me fone …the distance to where I want to go…and with gps enabled it obliges me with the distance and begins navigation…

Ok i’ll go for the postcode route…

Had a play in the local Halfrauds - looks easy peasy. Both Garmin and TomTom have a simple alphanumeric style keyboard to input the location. What a mark up on them though for weatherproofing for motorcycle use!

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