Going Nowhere

Took the V50 111 ,(38,000) out today.All okay for 1st hour,then gear changes got very clunky. Adjusted lever free play and things seemed okay.Twenty or so miles later I changed up a gear and realized I had lost drive. No nasty noises just no power. Got to kerb and checked clutch cable and gear linkage, all seem okay. Engine runs normally,neutral light is working correctly,but engaging 1st and 2nd gear (easily) doesnt give drive to rear wheel.Been thinking for a while that clutch was on the way out, but cant understand why rear wheel turns freely when bike is in gear.1st and 2nd engage as normal,but no other gears seem available.Any suggestions please? Cheers.

Get the back wheel out and work forwards…

A few possibilities but only pulling it apart will tell.
The good news is that there are folks here who will be able to help
Good luck

Thanks to you both. Problem is l am only able to be with the bike on weekends. Could be a long process. Will start looking next Saturday.

get Nigel from NBS to collect it on his trailer
he knows his stuff with gearboxes
also its getting colder, who wants to mess about with a motorbike in this weather ?

Guy, my husband retires in December and is considering fettlin guzzis for people…we are able to pick bikes up…pm me if your’e interested…we’re in Staffordshire also…

UJ could have failed, that usually makes some horrid noises and vibes.
Clutch plate disintegrated. This happens occasionally and looses drive. Take the starter off and see whats visible inside.
Is the gearchange mechanism actually moving the lever on the end of the box?
A few ideas that come to mind.

I’ve had a clutch plate centre rip out in a car many years ago. No pre-warning and no nasty noises as far as I remember - just coasted to a stop.

U/J seemed okay poked a finger on the rubber seal ,
spun rear wheel and joint was turning freely .Will have a better look when l get back to Bristol the weekend,but do think it’s the clutch. Cheers.

Had another look ,nothing obvious so seems to be either clutch or gearbox, both beyond my mechanical ability, so as Baldricks is near to where l stay in London I’m going to stuff it in the van and let him have a look. Thanks for all the advice. Cheers to you all.

good move ray’ at least you know you at not going to get riped off. and ol baldricks customer care is second to none, :unamused: lol.


If l mention your name Buzz will l get a discount.
It’s either that or to give it to Delboy for “the museum of V50’S”

GOD no mencion my name and he will probably throw you out lols. don’t let delboy any were near it .other wise it will disappear never to be seen again, :laughing: :astonished:
he’s nearly finisd that v50111 and it’s looking good,

Took the bike in on Tuesday morning. Baldrick phoned in the afternoon with an estimate for parts of £3.00.actually this was an overestimate ,as they only came to £2.36.
Circlip at the end of drive shaft had dropped off . Easy fix ,no big bills just before Xmas, well pleased.

Ha !..result… :laughing:

Thats cracking
he is a lovely bloke and dead honest
will you have it serviced while its there ?
a mate had a bike serviced by baldrick, it was a different machine on its return

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing: Brilliant one

Had to read this several times before I fell in, what it means. :smiley:

Good old Baldrick!