Going to France or Italy in 2021?

Beware of the restrictions that you will find in France.

You need a “Covid Passport” (“Pass Sanitaire”) to enter restaurants (even Fastfood), bars, museums, etc.

What is that? Basically a QR code that gets scanned upon entry. It can contain either “double vaccinated” status, Negative Test, or recently recovered from Covid. The French accept the UK certificates but it must be a QR code (because it gets scanned upon entry to facilities!!!)

This is from an Ex-pat site in France at the middle of August 2021: https://anglophone-direct.com/pass-sanitaire-who-what-where-when-how/

Have fun,

Cheers Uki

P>S> similar rules re entry to restaurants, museums etc apply to Italy!

I will be giving that a miss then!

There’s 5 Day isolation period on entry into Italy at the moment too.

Not much fun :frowning:

Do you know if this is still the case? I have my tests on QR on my phone.

Will I also need to carry any other documents for Netherlands/Germany/Austria/Italy/France apart from the usual Insurance/log book/MOT?

Will I need special insurance now we are non-EU? Best I check with my insurer. :roll_eyes:

I have travel insurance that replaces my defunct E111 card.

My cover includes the EU :+1:

I have just found this Gov.UK new advice