Gold V100s Wheels/Alloys.

Good Evening,

New member here. Great club/forum and really looking forward to many happy years of Moto Guzzi ownership.

Recently ordered a v100 mandello s and i was wondering if anyone knows if you can order gold wheels through Moto Guzzi or does Moto Guzzi have a paintcode that you can get a powercoater/painter to match.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Cant find stockist or info on how to get these changed. Only thing on the bike i want to change. Otherwise perfect bike and cant faukt a single thing!

Keep up the good work and great to be part of the group…

All the best!


Hi Elliot
You can order them through a guzzi dealer as I did when I had my V100s, I bough the wheels, 2 new TPMS sensors and had Mich Road 6 tyres fitted. Had them fitted to the bike for a very short period before removing them and selling then to a club member for his V100s and selling the bike to another club member. The wheels are quite cheap around £600 or there abouts its all down to currency exchage at the time.

why did you sell the v100?