Good news on Cali EV tyres

Never really liked the EV handling when solo. Despite seeing and being told about the bikes great handling.
Experimented with service items (bearings, tyre pressures etc), tyres (Roadriders and Metzeller LaserTech F/R as recommended)
Based on a post from Guzzijack I replaced the recently punctured rear LaserTech with a Metxeller Marathon.
Significant difference in handling: no whitelining even in the wet, grips well and ‘feels right’ when leaning.
Happy days

The Marathon also lasts much, much longer. Having said that, even the Marathon does start white-lining as it gets towards the end of its useful life. It is slightly different from the recommended size for the Cali I had, so I told Carol Nash when I was using one, just to avoid any possible insurance issues - they noted it but were fine about it.

Cheers Graham,
Had the same response from CN.
Glad it’s not just my imagination too
All the best

Switched to Marathons last year on my Cali.