Well I try and hold to the rule that if you ride Italian then you should drink Italian. So whenever I am feeling suitably impassioned at the end of a restaurant meal, and I’ve seen it listed on the menu, then I order a shot. Now I know that there are a number of varieties and ‘qualities’, but I have to say that try as I might I really cannot stand the stuff.

And more to the point, I can’t imagine how anyone actually could. Are there others here that imbibe? Either for the deluded reasons that I have, or actually because they enjoy it?

I am red wine fan , i find it turns a mundane meal into a feast . Taken in moderation it does you
more good than harm . The main drawback in restaurants are the sky high prices charged for
piddling little glasses .
As for country of origin , i ll try any variety from anywhere though i usually stick to Cabernet ,
Rioja , Merlot etc . The only white wine i really like is Champagne , but thats another story .

Not tried much grappa, but have had the odd schnapps in Austria and viina in Finland. Down-in-one is the way, although there are better and worse qualities. Good for the digestion after a big meal!

Calvados is my favorite spirit, we will be travelling to Brittany soon to stay with friends. There is often a chance to get some lambique, farm produced apple hooch, fire water! The roads are great over there too… :smiley:

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I think I like Grappa, but if you don’t and want to stay Italian at the end of your meal, try Limoncello, or Marsala fortified wine. I prefer both of these, and both seem to reduce the old heartburn at the end of a meal a bit

Teetotal all my life. Anybody else out there the same?
Roy Green from the Forest of Dean

Me too, never found an Alchohol based drink I wanted another one of.

Well put oafski

I can leave or take alcohol, but I really do enjoy a pint of good ale.
As for grappa, I’m with the OP, bloomin’ ‘orrible stuff.

Q If some thing is an acquired taste… how does it become popular in the very first place?? :nerd:

Possibly something along the lines of “It’s a mans drink and you’re only a lad, yer need ter get used to it” :smiley:

The best grappa I’ve ever had was a light gold colour and from Brunello, home of some of Italy’s finest & most expensive wine. Couldn’t tell you the brand 'coz it was served from a used wine bottle with no label - despite us being in a rather upmarket “boutique hotel” in Floerence!

When I visit Italy my extended family always offer Grappa, never really liked it but it would be rude not to, about 3 years ago we were in Bassano Del Grappa, the home of Grappa and I bought a very expensive bottle to savour when I eventually got back to my home village to share with my cousin, he wasn’t a fan, I now have it in the Kitchen here in Scotland on the “Undrinkable” shelf and use it for entertaining guests :laughing:

When dining with my father-in-law, he would add grappa to coffee at the end of the meal, would not have it neat (normally). Probably the best way to enjoy it!
My choice though is Limencello - could drink that all night! But has to be extremely cold, like makes the shot glass ice-over cold!