Greek ferries

Taking the bike to Greece next year. Ancona/ Igoumenista and igoumenista/Venice return.

Has anyone used these routes before? Any info or advice would be appreciated. Particularly with regard to loading. Heard nightmare stories about crew strapping bikes down with any spare bit of string. Just like to be prepared.Â

Sorry can’t help with Greek ferries but i always take a pair of my own ratchets and loops so i know the The Rocket is secured properly. The only problem i had was with the Isle of Man ferries, they didn’t like me using my own straps but i was far from happy with the Steam Racket Company for a few other reasons too, never had a prob strapping down on the Dover-Dunkirk crossing.Â

Thinking probably best to assume crew do nothing. Anything else is a bonus.

My wife and I used it on our way back from Turkey, Superfast ferries, they were OK, no dramas, I’ve been on some crap ferries all over the world on a bike, this was one of the better, however things can change except for the Steam packet co who have been consistently shit for 100 years.Â

H’mmm, well you live and learn.
What an interesting chap you are.