Greetings & a problem

I’m Tony, bought myself a 98 Cali EV just before the first lockdown started.
Always wanted one, so gave myself a treat.
Sadly got injured, martial arts, so bike ended up not being used since the first lockdown started.
So put it in for its mot last Saturday as well as fluids and pads to be changed.
Had a problem with gear selection, basically I couldn’t change gear, figured it was probably the linkage that was seized.
That’s been stripped, cleaned and greased, but, still can’t change gear, where the linkage connects to the gearbox, that is seized solid.
Mechanic reckons it’s the springs inside on the mechanism that’s gone.

Assuming that is the case, would I be right in thinking that the engine etc needs removing?
Or is there an easier way?

If it’s is engine out etc, are there any recommendations on where to have it done? I’m in Kettering, Northants.
I’m guessing either way that it’s going to be expensive :weary:


Apparently a bother mechanic has sorted it out, so it’s not a problem anymore, phew

Good news with the gear change and welcome to the forum :smiley:

Thanks Chris

Hi Tony
Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you had a lucky escape. Repalcing the return spring is a nightmare of a job, as you say it is engine out job.
If you are stuck with anything and need a second opinion, I am just up the road in Market Harborough and have a Cali 3, although its on SORN at present as I haven’t got round to paying out for more road tax since the first lockdown. My Spada is free tax so that is getting used now.

Hi Don,
Thanks for the offer, I might take you up on that at some point.
Bike is still in the shop, waiting on braided brake lines, which like lots of stuff currently is only made when you pay for it,…
I’m hoping to get along to the next owners club night in Wellingborough, assuming the brake lines turn up and I get my bike back, then it’s down to cleaning and polishing to get it looking good again after lockdowns effects on it.