griso 1100 or 1200?

Hi all
could someone please tell me the pros and cons with the griso 1100 and 1200 iam thinking of buying one and have heard the 1200 8valve could have problems.But iam not sure what

I have a 1200 8V for sale (see members bikes for sale section) in West Sussex. Only problem I’ve had was a spark plug cap shorting to the head - cured by replacing the rubber caps with NGK (bakerlite?) ones.

I’ve read some commentary about camshaft wear, but mine’s good after 9k miles.

Lovely muscle bike that always draws admiring looks (but my heart belongs to the old stuff, hence for sale)

Hi thanks for the replies
this is the info i was looking for
so plenty to think about.regards

Someone I know has a 2011 Griso 8V with the issue.

The club did a brill job getting this issue sorted

my 58 reg 1200 griso is getting fixxed at the moment with the cam follower ware problem. its done 19,000 miles before the problem occured. But moto guzzi have done the work free of charge although they have had my bike for 11 weeks. and i have missed the best summer for riding in years. roll on this sat when fingers crossed i should have her back.

I weighed up the pros and cons of this late last year. I had a test ride of both and decided that the extra punch of the 8v at the top of the rev range was nice, but not something I would use that much, and certainly not worth the extra 2-3k over the private sale low mileage one owner 1100 I eventually went for. I’ve not regretted my decision.

Yes iam thinking along the same lines.
hows the bike going for you any probs i should look out for

Twiggers have a nice Griso 1100 for sale; I finally went for the Breva 1100, but could just as easily have gone for the Griso.

I loved me 1100 griso .33, 500 miles nothing to worry about on them .
I would have liked to have gone for the 1200 but I still don’t trust them cams ( I would if it was a 2012 model but not got the money for that)

1100m engine in the v11 le mans has plenty of ooomph