Griso 8v: Changing fork oil

I’m nudging 12k miles so a full service is called for shortly. Now the bike is out of warranty I’m going to attend to this myself.The only thing that looks daunting is changing front fork oil - has anyone managed to do this without splashing out for the special tool the factory manual dictates?AndyLytham St. Annes

OK, either I said something to offend everyone, or no one wants to talk about changing fork oil :slight_smile:

Hi Andy,

Guzzilife isn’t thát fast, it takes time… I think…
A ups fork looks a bit difficult.
I brought mine to a suspension specialist.
They are able to check the inside of the fork.
That specialist did that with mine, altered the damping and changed the springs for progressive ones.
It’s like I have a complete new front fork now.

Ad B Ad B2014-06-12 06:43:35

Hi Ad B, where was the specialist you used? I’d prefer that rout to the main dealer.Andy

Hi Andy,

it was a local suspension shop (Promax) in my neighbourhood.
They can do racebikes, dirtbikes and road.
In our tiny country, there are at least about 5 big shops for this kind of specialist work.
I think in your UK there will be a few dozen…
Google for Öhlins, WP, Wilbers and so on…
These shops can do more to your suspension as the best Guzzi dealer.

Ad B

Hi Ad B, do you know the spec for the progressive springs? Thanks, Andrew