Griso 8V drain tubes

There are several drain tubes hanging beneath my Griso. Some have bungs in, some dont. One in particular ( a black one a bit longer than the rest) drips something out of it after a ride. It’s not oil, as it does evaporate off the concrete garage floor but leaves a feint stain. Anyone know what it is and what component it’s draining? And perhaps what all the other drain tubes are for as well?

not going up to the battery is it or is it a totally sealed unit without a breather

Not battery - that’s a sealed unit.

I’ll make a wild guess and suggest tank filler cap area drain pipe. (?) It be water then.
Mike H2013-08-19 13:54:48

Prob the vent from the crank case breather

There are three tubes under the bike.One is the fuel tank overflow and the rainwater drain from the cap area.The other is a drain from the battery box and the third, with a bung, is the drain from the air filter box.That one need draining every now and again, especially if the sump is overfilled.

Mine’s got 4 drain tubes. Two clear ones, with bungs in, and behind those (they are in line, front to back) 2 black ones. The longer of the 2 black ones (and the most rearward) is the one the fluid comes out of.

Found this - “griso gas drip from drain tube”

Thanks guys. Probably fuel condensate, then. Not a problem.

You should be able to tell, just wipe your finger over the end of the tube when you stop and smell it. Petrol has a distinctive smell.