Griso 8valve rollerise

Is there anyone in the east Anglia region who is able to rollerise the heads on my Griso 1200 tia

Hi Andy, welcome to the forum.

I am in Essex and had to go to Twiggers in Lincolnshire to get my Stelvio done. I think that they have shut now. Baldrick in South London started the process of investigation but Piaggio would not give him the parts as he was not a registered Guzzi dealer. I got the parts for free because my bike had a full service history but had to pay for the labour and oils.

Others have had to have this work done and maybe more helpful than me!

Best wishes Chris

Having an relatively unknown history I did my bike myself - wasn’t too difficult tbh.

Thanks for the info ,I am hoping to find a specialist to do the work. My nearest dealer is 60 miles away and is a multi franchise dealer who do not seem interested

Thanks for the info I will continue to make enquiries,I have had my Griso for 13 years and have kept putting of the mod

Twiggers in Loughborough have re-opened if they are any good for you. They are in North Leicestershire

Yes Don, that is the place, Loughborough not Lincoln… :roll_eyes:

Twiggers in Loughborough are the place to do this work. I had my Griso rollerised there a few years ago. They will have rollerised more flat tappet motors than anyone else in the UK. Highly recommended

Thanks for the info ,I will contact them asap
Thanks Andy