Griso Clutch Rumble

Hopefully a daft question, but engine is sometimes noticeably quieter when the clutch is pulled in. Seems to be more apparent when warm. Doesn’t sound ominous, just a clear rumble when Idling, with the clutch out. Certainly more noticeable than on other bikes. Anything to worry about or do they all do it ? Thanks

They all do that, sir…

They sure do not as bad as the Dooo cahh tee but somewhat disconcerting. On my V11 after wearing earplugs for ages I didn’t put them in one morning… Oh boy that clutch nigh on scared me to death!

when i owned my first guzzi a griso 11 i dared not ride without earplugs ,now i love all the sound tracks they make .

Once again, thanks for the responses. I will put the one off oil leak and the clutch noise to the back of my mind. The engine noise itself is glorious, it’s got a Termigioni, and with the baffle in it is just about right for me.

My 1200 8V makes all sorts on strange noises, I must admit it is as noisy as my old Lemans at times, but yes it also is fitted with a Termigioni minus the baffles and I agree the exhaust note is something out of this world.

the griso has a dry clutch, hence the noise,

What is a “baffle?” when I aquired the end cans for the V11 I could see daylight thro the BIIIIG 'oles in them and they are “bellisimo”

It’s a science that a lot of politicians and undesirables use when answering a question to prevent the plebiscite from becoming too knowledgable…hence the expression “we’ll baffle them with science”

Are you suggesting that politicions should be shoved up an exhaust pipe and then let rip with the throttle?

You don’t know clutch rattle until you have heard my Scura with its single plate jobbie, Like a bin full of spanners! people actualy move away in fear of being injured in the impending self destruction of gearbox. When I say ‘its ok, thats normal’ they look at me in a sad way.