Griso ECU Problem

Hi folks,
Looking for some advice from the collective.
Last year the ECU on my 2008 1200 GRiSO failed.
I bought a second hand one from an 1100 Breva, fitted it and it fired up, though roughly as you’d expect.
I’ve downloaded my Beetle map and tried to reset the TPS and auto learning.
The TPS is reading 3 rather than the usual 4.7 ish, even after resetting.
I’ve also changed the Eprom and the TPS is still reading 3.
Any advice would be appreciated as I’m becoming a bit stuck. Thanks

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I am assuming that you are using GuzziDiag to reset your TPS? This piece of software will show you when connected the throttle position real time - if this doesn’t change then you’re not connected or the TPS connector might not be.

does this s/w seem to be working OK?

Hi Brian,
I am using GuzziDiag (V60) to reset the TPS, but can’t change it from 3 to the 4.7 required.
I think the ECU was from a Breva.
Thanks for your advice, I’ll try twisting the throttle and see what happens.
I’ll let you know.

I see your post on griso ghetto, you should get good info from there. From the pictures it looks as though you are connected OK - so do try the twist of the throttle.

Just thought, there are 2 companies that will repair Marelli ECU’s should you need to (can’t remember the names at this time)

I think this maybe one of them. No personal experience though

Thanks Andrew.
I’ve just checked the website.
They can fix mine for about the same cost (£400) as a secondhand one from Gutsibits. I’ll have to think about this.

Try googling Jeffries my ecu, he has some good testimonials :+1:

Thanks Phil, I’ve emailed him in Oz.

Hi, I double checked my Griso and a new fault was recorded; P0120 potentiometer 1 sensor, rear throttle position: too high. I’ll have to look this up.