Griso fender extender

Hi, is there a front fender extender that will fit my Griso that I don’t need to drill the mud guard?Thanks Eddie.

Yes pyramid plastics do one and they have a new double sided tape which does not need additional screws I have one stuck to my stelvio for over a year now with no signs of it coming unstuck

I have the one from Gutsibits fitted. Ok, it comes with stainless screws to act as a second line of defence for the double sided foam tape. No doubt the tape alone would hold it, but after losing two on BM GS’s I’ve owned, I prefer to use the screws as well.
They hardly show with a dab of black paint on them.

Hi Eddie,
As Bikeralw, I don’t much rate the “double-sided sticky” on its own. I much prefer to drill two 1/8th ( 3.2mm in new money) holes, countersink and fix with a couple of CSK flathead pop-rivets. A touch of satin-black paint on the rivet heads and they all but disappear.