Griso G11 (2006) Service

Not a service exactly but my pal has asked me to replace all the fluids on his bike. From what I’ve read it seems Motul 10/60 should do for the engine - somewhere from 3 - 3.5l. On the boxes I can use a 70/90 or 80/90 and about a litre will do the pair. He tells me that as far as he can see it has a 14 flat oil filter fitted and I’ll swap this out at the same time. Seems I’ll need some kind of ‘cup’ tool to manage this.

Any gotchas or the like I should look out for?

The final drive and gearbox oil I use are both slightly different, as recommended on the Gutsibits website. This is for the Norge 2V which is basically the same engine.

Re the oil filter, I found that there are slightly different shaped ones available under the same part number, and the removal tool I got would not grip on the one in the bike. You can get a “universal” clamping type one from Halfords which did work though. The Gutsibits tool I got originally did work on new oil filters, just not on the one originally on the bike.

If you loosen the little “breather” screw on the top of the final drive arm, be careful as it is easy to break. Don’t know if you actually need to to drain the rear drive, but I did.

Oh, and your mate will need an overdraft facility to pay for it all!