Griso Grief

Are there rear suspension parts available that will allow the seat height to be dropped a little?

Probably simplest way would be to put a shorter spring in - but this would also reduce your suspension travel.

May be worth checking to see if any other models such as Sport or Stelvio have different length units.

Otherwise have a look on Griso Ghetto web site as there may be something on there.

The standard GRiSO shock is quite short and (despite what the handbook says) only gives you 85mm of wheel movement.
It is so low that many taller riders fit a Stelvio shock which is 25mm longer and gives a higher saddle height (and about 15mm more wheel movement).

If you have a standard GRiSO shock it is hard to lower the ride height. But if you have a stelvio shock fitted you can get a standard shock cheaply and sell your Stelvio one for £60+
How to tell them apart?

  • The GRiSO shock lets you adjust spring preload with two screw rings and you need a “C” spanner.
  • The Stelvio shock has a large black knob under the right side of the saddle for the remote preload adjuster