Griso horns - feeble!

Should they be? My 1200 with a Termi easily drowns out the feeble noise from the horns - they’re useless, and yes, they are both working!

Is this normal?

My Breva 1100 let out an apologetic “beep!”, more suited to a kiddy’s tricycle, with the original horn.I have replaced it with a Halfords Special, which at least goes “Parp!” in a somewhat more authoritarian manner, although still not loud enough.I have yet to go to the full, relay-activated, Stebel Nautilus, which I hear can scare an articulated truck at 50 yards.Now, if only my thumb could find the horn button when it needs to…

Mine are pretty good, and I’ve always replaced horns with useable items on my previous bikes. It’s a 2012 Griso.

Pleased to hear that someone else struggles to find the horn button instinctively. I need to visually check location before pressing the button, by which time the moment has usually passed.

The only time you can find it is when you go for the indicators

Yes, I frequently rebuke erroneous road-users, with a furious flash of my left indicators… which only makes them more likely to pull out!

One time on the Spada a stab at the button and missed only turned all the lights off instead. In the dark.

Have a nice pair of original red/black voxbells as fitted to earlier bikes but fitting them to the B11 with the original single wire and plastic bracket looks problematic.G.

I want to fit a pair of Fiamms to the Norge but can’t find a suitable place. Any ideas?

Bosch do a small extremely loud pair which cost about a tenner. Make a wee flat bracket up to suit your chosen fitment point.

love and kisses

Thanks Min, have ordered a pair.
Pete xxxxx

Do you have a link to where and what to order, please?

Now look what you made me do ! Had them lying around and only got time today. LOUD ! They may be EC9’s that I got off a scrap car. Ask your friendly European breaker.
One per crash bar bolt. Tucked in nice so they did.

If the picture is too big I will give it a wee squeeze later.

love and kisses
xtheone&onlymin2014-04-21 19:27:02

Easy for you Tonti owners, the CARC bikes do not have the handy brackets you describe. (Scatches head, gets splinters).G.

I got them from ebay, look under Bosch Horns.