Griso rear sets?

I’ve bought my 2011 Griso used and by the look of the gear change lever and rear brake pedal the bike has been over on both sides and bent the levers inwards.
I’m thinking of replacing them with rear sets if I can find some. Stein Dinse have them but at 500 euro’s plus shipping etc. they are a tad expensive.
My local dealer (Teesdales in Thirsk) thinks Aprilia rear sets may fit but is not sure.
Does anyone have any ideas?

By rear-sets, do you mean you want to alter the position of the standard pegs (which are quite rear-set) or replace them with a set of rear-sets which replicate the original position?

Just wondering because I couldn’t imagine my Griso needing the pegs shifting further back, but it’s all personal.


Good question.
Yes, to replicate the original position. If I’m going to replace the original bent/chipped levers I thought of using rear sets. I do use the passenger foot pegs “when I’m going for it”.
I may try the Guzzitech forum with the same interrogation.

if you are happy with the position why don’t you just buy a genuine new gear and brake levers they are about £62.00 each plus vat .I recommend fowlers for parts .I ordered some parts on a Wednesday 3pm and they arrived Thursday 9 AM. Also fowlers have a great parts website with part numbers and current prices for all moto Guzzi models
Regards Keith

Thanks Keith. Looks like the way to go.