Griso seat height

I love the look of the Griso but doubt I could ride it being short.
Can someone tell me if they can be lowered and by how far?
I wouldn’t be ready until next year but never to early to reseach :slight_smile:Â

Never thought the Griso was particularly high in the saddle, there is always the option of lifting the forks through the yokes an inch or so, the Breva 1100 had the option of a thinner seat, perhaps this would fit the Griso?
Cheers Gerry. (Inside leg 31")

Am 5’3" sailor and didnt struggle too badly if thats any use…

Hi Kate,
That’s really handy info as I to am 5’3" so, as with the Bella I shouldn’t have any problem in riding one. :slight_smile:

I fancy a sports type bike to go with the Bella in the future so will give the Griso a  try.

I also like the Dival and the Norton’s but very pricey…


I’ve ridden a new Norton…and I wasn’t impressed…a Hinckley Thruxton is nicer in my view…though taller and heavier than it should be…the Norton also was tall… One reason I like old guzzis Davey…nice low seats…Â