Griso speedo sensor

Hi peeps, quick question, does any one know what the output from the speedo sensor is? ie is it a switched live or a switched earth. Mine has gone hooves up but I have some proximity switches which might work.
Thanks Simon

the ones i have dealt with have 2 wires and are hall effect so no great voltage the unit that reads them only needs a minimal amount of current
pop the sensor out and check no swarf if on it

Yer these are three wire, Live , ground and signal.

My bad looking at the wires there are three one side of the plug and two the other so yes probably a hall effect so the switches I have are no good. Just have to bite the bullet and get a sensor. Thanks for your help.

Try drying it out first.They suffer from damp getting in, common problem. Dry it then coat it with something waterproof.

Hi Brian many times in the wet it has gone hooves up and when it dried out I water proofed it but this time its not working at all. Me thinks it has finally given up the ghost completely. Also reminder to self wear glasses when looking at the wiring it is a three wire job, there was me looking at the rear brake light wires lol. Some sought of numb ox me.

these speedo drives are on their 3rd type . they have a very low failure rate now . you can dry it out but i have seen early ones fail just by going through a little puddle then start working again 100 yards down the road . current ones retail at about £25 + vat . buy the two screws at hold it on whilst you are there.

Thanks for that, new ordered. Took it out today for a blat from a dry garage nothing then about a mile down the road started working them 5 miles later stopped again. No officer really I didn’t know who fast I was going.