Griso spoke cute

Replacing tyres found the issue of spoke leakage. Discovered that the o rings n circlips can be replaced but what a laborious job requiring a spoke torque wrench !! Have heard there is a tape that sticks over the offending spokes in the centre of the rim a bit like the KTM strip, anyone know what it is n if it works :+1:

Tubeless Rim tape, available in various widths from online bicycle shops eg: Rim Tape | Chain Reaction

A lot of people do this conversion according to the ADV rider site.
Tapes used are Outex or 3M.
The V85T thread has a lot of this information because the E4 model came with tubed tyres and most of the users were calling for tubeless. Here is the thread but it is monster long - i think the discussion was between pages 50 and 250! :frowning: Looong V85TT thread

Thanks for info, the post about the replacement of the o rings is great however the author obviously removed tyres at home regularly and had two attempts not something I want to attempt. What a duff design will investigate the tape method and report back apparently Stelvio has the same issue regards Ratt

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I replaced my spoked wheels on my Stelvio with cast ones, after one was replaced under warrantee, now no further leaks. The system of o ring and different metal components, maybe ok for Italian weather, but add wet salt on roads over here and it is a recipe for corrosion and failure.