Griso stand

Hi want the above for 1200 8v fair price paid Gloucester area. Note marketplace seems good but attempted that got stuck on price field what the -//// is that ?

hi @Ratt - good luck with the Wanted

re: Marketplace, short answer is it is picky with price format - simple 12345 works (no punctuation) - then reinforce in description text - hope this helps. (o:

Thanks Barry I don’t even know what a price format is ! Being engineering background I assumed I thought in a logical way but IT seems odd at times. Recently a site wanted postcode first letter Capital other lower case bizarre. Then you give code and asked county ? Only USA sites selling stuff make it easy no issue ever with Amazon except the postman but a couple of items under a cover on one of my bikes found it six days late :flushed:

Hi I’ve got one , give me a call on 07891023284
Thanks Ian