Griso Starter motor

Some help please for a mechanical novice. I have a Finebau Forge module I want to try on my Griso. The plug I need is tucked in behind the starter motor. Therefore it needs to come out. I am a bit nervous about doing this. I have the service manual. It just says undo the two bolts. These are long bolts and seem to hold the casings also. Do I need to watchout for anything here, or can I simply undo the bolts and move the stater motor? Also I could not find the torque values for these bolts. Can anyone help with that also. Many thanks.

I when I fitted one of these units to my Griso 8V I found I did not have to remove the starter I could get to it just fine from under the bike, all that is holding the plug in place is a tie wrap and if you cut that off then there is plenty of wire to give you access to conect the Finebau Forge Module.

Thanks Eddie.

Ok thanks Eddie. I will get underneath and have a look.

The 2 bolts mentioned are the small ones that hold the cover on, not the ones holding the starter on, this improves access.Cheers, Gerry.

Thanks Gerry, I have the cover off already. The notes from Finebau say it may be necessary to remove the starter motor on the Griso. I will try to get to it from underneath, if I cant I may just not install the module. Thanks to all for the advice.

you can take a starter off without harming the casings undo the two long bolts no problem there are a fair few others holding the engine/gearbox cases in mate

Its easy to remove the starter motor. With the cover off, you can easliy get to the electrical connections 1 large cable held in lace with a nut and a spade connector. Then undo the 2 long bolts and the start comes away. dead easy job.

But disconnect the battery first - oops, too late.

Negative lead (first) !

I have just fitted the Finebau unit to my Griso and it is much easier to remove the starter without recourse to disconnection of anything other than the two bolts which hold the starter in place. A small amount of wiggling will expose the said connections and is then very easy to snip the cable tie which holds the originals in place.
A 13 mm spanner, copaslip grease for the bolts on replacement, electrical end snips or sharp knife for despatching the original cable tie and 5 minutes later: Robert is yer uncle!

Sorry! Forgot to add the plastic cover needs removing first! Ho hum