Anyone got any experience of the Griso?I saw a lovely one the other day, but have never ridden it.Any problems or issues??And what does the name mean - not good in English!TaHedgehog (one of the last not to have gone Frisby).

Fantastic ride, comfortable, great looks, amazing performance.

The late Kevin Ash says it all here:

Ash on Griso

Some 8vs have reported cam follower issues.

The name is a character in a novel based on the Lake Como area (where Guzzis come from).

I have to agree. I love mine, it looks odd in a good way, it handles and goes well enough, and it is just a great ride. The cam issue is the only fly in the ointment, but that may be exaggerated.

Care to do a review Tony??!HH

Wow!Went and sat on a Griso yesterday at Fowlers - what a lovely thing!Form and function perfectly combined. Can’t afford one yet…but it would be a lovely thing for a Sunday blast…Anyone got any video of the sound? They wouldn’t let me start it up…Hedgehog

“A Sunday blast” ???

I don’t think they make Guzzis for a Sunday blast. You must be thinking of Harley Davisons.

They do make Guzzis for touring all over Europe though.

I love my black 1100 Griso, no fretting about cam issues! And it is a beautiful bike. The only downside is the constant hunt for a higher gear. This has been mentioned here before. It goes against my mechanical sympathy the rev the b*lls off a Guzzi, but they say it thrives on it! On the other hand my Buell Uly has very long legs, and gets to illegal speeds on a whiff of revs. For this reason alone I tend to jump on the Buell if I feel like a relaxing blast.

In the UK we’re too poor for that! A Sunday Blast is all we can afford!

The 1100 Breva had higher gearing compared to the 1200 Norge, never understood that. All to do with the primary input ratio in the gearbox. Don’t know which combination the Griso has. Just wish 6th gear was more of an overdrive 'cos I keep looking for 7th too.

No need of a higher gear on the 1200 Griso - and with the Termi exhaust she sounds like a Spitfire - even has the crackle of a Merlin on the over-run!

Bottomless pit of power, and once past 6K get a ‘second wind’ and really flies!

Fabulous bike!

Not sure I’m up to doing a review. Might post something, trouble is I avoid riding in the rain nowadays which means I ride sod all at the moment. Don’t mind the cold, but can’t be arsed getting a soaking.

It’s the only bike I’ve ever had that I seek out tunnels to ride through just to listen to it!

A few notes would do - I can build on that…HH

Is the review wanted for a magazine?

Yes… an on-line magazine here… a free, non-profit online magazine written by riders aimed at providing impartial reviews…bikes and kit… tours and… well everything really…I founded it as a means of recovering from a brain tumour, but since then, well it just growed…No five main writers / contributors, but we take material from forums and clubs too…We can work notes up into a review like this: credit contributors and put a link to the forum they come from helping the sites to get more traffic and members… No membership, no fees - we all work part time for nothing.HH

I’ve heard that the 8V engines are quite thirsty.
Have any owners worked it out ?

Is the SE the only Griso available now?

Sound - it’s soooo important, isn’t it? I managed to cram in some test rides on replacement machines for my KTM990 (long story, brilliant bike, would keep it if I never took pillions). I tested various Triumph triples, both the GSAs (A/C and W/C) and of course the Stelvio

With these bikes you have an abundance of power and comfort, they all brake and handle well so apart from some oddities here and there, are all difficult to fault. The differences that you pick up on are therefore the touchy-feely stuff and for me, it’s looks and sounds that put the Guzzi way up on top, even with the standard pipe.

The Triumph Explorer was pretty good when opened up but otherwise a bit bland on and off the throttle at low revs (touring mode). Both GSAs sounded a bit ‘droney’ to me as they always have.

The Stelvio, however, was aurally entertaining EVERYWHERE

I know that’s not a sensible reason to buy a bike but I’ve never been accused of being sensible!


I have a new Z1000SX and a Black devil bought on a whim not run in yet but just love it the grunt between 4, 6K is something else, choose Griso every time, thinking of selling Kwaker. has sophistication but is still a real bike shakes and spits ( hence name Taz) why anyone would buy a sportster is beyond me, with 110 BHP it ain’t slow either and has brakes Just Buy One

Hi just getting use to mine now after buying it last september , it’s a 1100 4 valve 2006 model , i bought a GPR end can off of here in fact for £90 and run it without the baffle in as its not too loud on tickover. I also have done a rear end tidy as the huge great numberplate hanger and indicators mount spoilt the overall look .
cama2014-04-14 18:18:59