Grounding 2008 Norge

I’m not a particularly fast rider, but like to push the bike every now and then. It seems to ground on the centre stand very easily on both right and left handers with just me on the bike and no luggage
Anybody got a solution to this problem (unless I’m a bit more Rossi than I thought!!), but bear in mind that I have relatively short legs so would prefer not to raise the suspension :laughing:

I found the Norge very capable too, such that grounding out was easy, and that was on a test ride when they first came out. Short of hanging your body mass off the bike more, I have no solution to offer. Another reason I have avoided the CARC models.

Do all the Carc models ground too early? I only recall this happening once on my Stelvio, in the Pyrenees, loaded & 2-up. All it needed was a tweak to the suspension settings and all was good. My Griso hasn’t shown itself to ground early either, although it doesn’t have a centre stand and I’ve set the suspension up on that one too.

I don’t have a Norge but I imagine it has an adjustable rear shock too. I would start there first - and you could stiffen up the compression damping without raising the ride height which would help when on the throttle around the bends…


I would imagine the Stelvio is an exception to the rule. I would hope they have lifted the hem line up to make the 1200 Sport a bit more racey too.

I have a 2007 Norge which I bought two years ago and had read about this ‘issue’. I suspect that I do not ride hard enough but I’ve not had a problem - however, I take care to adjust the rear suspension. FYI, riding solo (rider 14.5 stone plus riding gear), I set the pre-load 30 clicks down from max. Riding with Hilary, my partner, and no luggage, it’s set to 15 clicks below max. Touring, 2-up, with top box and two 40 litre panniers, it’s set to full pre-load. It did worry me the first time we headed off to France, loaded up but OK so far! It is a pain to adjust as there is a lot of clicking to be done. OTOH, the damping adjustment, which I also change, depending on load, seems to work very well – just a couple of clicks with a screwdriver makes a big difference. HTH.


most of the CARC moto guzzis are under sprung i took my stelvio to Nitron and after they calculated rider and passenger weights and weight of luggage( i weigh 11 1/2 stone) they produced a shock that was nearly twice the poundage of the standard shock. I recommended Nitron to a Friend who has a Norge and they built him a new shock which cured his handling and cornering clearance problems
Regards keith

Ah, yes, Keith - I printed your article and at some point I will do the same to my Norge!

Urban myth on the Griso is that they just kept raising the footrests and controls until the factory test riders didn’t grind them anymore. Which would explain the hideous jockey like position you have to assume on that bike.

1200 Sport doesn’t come with a centre stand as standard, although a few owners might have retrofitted them. I am not sure the Griso does either?
I have not ground anything on the Norge yet, although I do have very wide chicken strips on the rear tyre as well so perhaps am too cautious! I do like the way the bike turns in and settles into a corner though, seems nicer in this regard than the 1200 Sport I had before.