Gutsibits Idiot Light Connectors.

I have purchased a clock surround to go on my '79 V50 Mk2 which comes with 6mm LED’s that are threaded with a spade connector at the bottom the type of which I have never seen before.This is the surround I have bought is the one at the top…,Here’s a couple of the LED’s that replace the original bulbs.I will have to snip off the bulb connectors and wire in some female spades but I don’t know what type these are or their size? Any thoughts please? Thanks.

I looked to use these on my Stornello, then found the metal body touched on the switch workings so had to resort to a plastic one.You could solder a wire onto each terminal (which is what I was going to do) or this ebay seller talks about using Lucar connectors ??? whtaver they are.LED warning light

they look like lights I used on my chop. just push the spade connectors on to each one. there is room but the tangs are tight to the body of the light,I presume to hold the spade in place

You can make a tidy job of this using computer cooling fan cables. They come with small block connectors at each end (male/female) so cut the cable, solder onto light and heat shrink, solder other end to power source and you have a convenient fly lead with connectors that can be tidied away.

Many good suggestions than you one and all. I shall mount the surround on the upermost holes of the bar clamp so as not to foul any part of the yoke. I shall look into the suggestion of connectors but think solder might be the way to go…very careful soldering at that given that the terminals are very close together.    Yes them!

I like the look of them but wonder if they might be a little too large…the connectors on the LED’s are really tiny. Gutsibits say they are designed with soldering straight onto them but i worry that they may be under some tension/stress.

Those spade connectors are way too large, the metal tangs are only about 3mm across and there is little gap at the back to fit these on. Soldering on a wire is the only way.

OK yes must be solder tags then. The hole is to put a wire through prior to soldering it in place. Your next challenge is soldering it without melting the plastic…

i am really rubbish at soldering too!!! any tips on making this a good job…how would you tackle it?i have seen some 2.8mm female spades on Maplin which for a couple of quid i may still buy tomorrow to maybe give myself some options at least.

HOT iron; high wattage and some bulk so it doesn’t cool. Tin the wire, tin the tab, press together with the iron, a touch more solder, solder off, iron off, HOLD STILL (even though your fingers are now melting). Do NOT hold the wire with pliers etc.

presumably if solder ends up joining both tabs together thats really bad right? seriously, i have not ever done any soldering that i would be proud to show anyone…i have managed to join two things together but this job looks like it requires a lot of precision…and not to melt the plastic as already mentioned!

In that case, try the 2.8mm female spades. I might have a go at soldering but then I’ve had 40 years practice of soldering fiddly things

How small are they!? Even with my old eyes I can do HD15 connectors without joining things together that shouldn’t be! (That’s a monitor connector to those that don’t know them)


tiny small ones ]

I always found soldering to be a disaster. A few good words on just how it should be done can be found here: The black art of soldering

Just one of those things that gets better with practice, as with a lot of other things we’re not born knowing how to do it straightaway

They are 2.8mm spades aren’t they?

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I tried 2.8mm at Maplins and they are exactly the same size so wont slip over the tags. I got some slightly bigger ones that i hope can be ‘rolled’ a touch to make a nice fit.

From the dim and distant dregs of memory I seem to recall some dodgy American thing I had the displeasure of trying to wire ABS onto. There were plugs on there that weren’t quite right. Molex SAE pops into my head and they were a ****er to source in the UK.

File them down to 2.8mm?