Guzzi 1400 v Bmw 1600 bagger

The new Bmw 1600 Bagger base model £16,750 -19,405 all the gizmos Guzzi Cali 1400 £18,000-20,000 plus what would you buy ?lighter big six for less money or very expensive guzzi is it just me or has the world gone mad ?

mad - got me Audace at £3k off new, I would not have paid the full 15k

if you want any of these bikes find a dealer who needs to shift them (especially if bike is end of range/discontinued), there must be a tiny market for these monsters

My wife managed to get my Cali with only 600ml on the clock sitting at 3x m/c the dealers can’t shift them there to expensive so if you want one shop around why buy brand new ?

There’s a few at the dealers with a few grand off and zero miles nows the time to buy before spring comes spotted a Audace just over Ten so there’s some good deals at the moment.