Guzzi Media Platform

I was toying with the idea of adding the Guzzi MP to the ‘Anni’ but, riding about with a Smartphone strapped to the handlebars seems to detract a little from the classic stance somewhat; plus I don’t fancy my expensive iPhoneX falling off into the road!

Anybody had any experience of this piece of kit first hand?

What’s a “Guzzi MP”?

MP = Mobile Phone? :confused:

As per title, Moto Guzzi Media Platform.


In exactly the same way I could have attached my iPhone to the X10 to do that if I knew how to do it, or could find a dealer who knew how to do it, but TBH not sure how many more distractions I need. :open_mouth:

Ok.not sure of the point tbh. If you touch it while riding you are effectively breaking the law.
Downloading the data afterwards might be interesting though, to analyse a ride.

I would prefer to enjoy the ride than analyse the angle of lean or other data it displays. Gadgets for gadgets sake in my mind.

Looks like you can maybe manage your roll rates through it. Would then negate any need for a steering damper I suppose.

If that is the case you might as well stay at home and go for a ride on the Playstation :confused:

Modern bikes already tell me more than i need to know while I’m riding, nowadays i don’t need more than a speedometer.