Guzzi paint

Hi all is there a paint code for the Red on my 79 sp1000

this is such a commonly asked question, but sadly, there is rarely a single, definitive answer. usually, old hands recommend finding a place that will ‘scan’ a side panel, or some such. but any existing paint is likely to be 40 years faded.

there are sources online that purport to list (some) Lechler codes: google " Moto Guzzi paint codes" or, search this forum for previous subject related discussion (search: “paint codes”) - if searching online, bear in mind that some people talk of “colors” rather than “colours”.

some say that MG used Fiat colours in the 70’s. others offer that a Ford red from Halfords is a good ‘match’. at the end of the day, noone can say what colour is exactly right or exactly wrong.

hope this helps.

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Thanks for that.:+1:


The only Red Spada I remember from 79 was the Royale special and that was red and silver. It had luggage and a king and queen saddle. I think the std colours were a very pale metallic blue and a very pale bronze . RS paints list a red for the 1982 NT which was red and white.
Tip - Google “Guzzi ads” and select images to get an idea of what was around.

Ps RS paints do the red for le Mans II from 79 which if you just want red would be contemporary

Thanks for the info.

I know a painter who will match by eye. He is fantastic, I’ve seen with my own eyes pearl and non pearl paint feathered in and was unable to see the join. Honestly. He isn’t cheap, but he is brilliant.

I know someone who is having a single seat cowl paint matched to the existing bike, it’s pearlescent paint nearly 30 years old. All he needed was the tail unit so he can match the colours.

I can ask him to get in touch if you want, PM me and let me know. I won’t advertise him publicly, hope you understand.

Few years back, I took the front mudguard to B & Q and had them mix the correct shade.

Hi thanks for that will check them out,I’ve picked up a cheap fairing for my sp so looking for the guzzi red.