Guzzi suspension

Hi folks,

Does anyone know of a real suspension guru who is good at assessing and then setting up and/or modifying Guzzi suspension, more specifically the suspension on my 1100 sport injection?

I bought a Raceco softer rear spring ages ago, but have never fitted it, and am looking for advice on this, but also on simply getting the White Power suspension adjusted to its very best settings for my weight etc.


How far are you from Knockhill? This company is recommended by some of the guys on the Ducati forum: 06:46:08

Thanks Guzzirider —I’m in Stirling —real close to Knockhill as it happens.

Many thanks to Guzzirider for this recommendation.

I made a date to go to ERS Racing at Knockhill and Eddie Stone completely re-set the suspension on my 1100 Sport i while I watched —front and rear, set to my own weight in full kit. He’s a great guy, and the bike is really transformed, smoother, tighter, quicker-handling, and still super stable.
Big recommendation here!