Guzzi t3 cali

Hi , I’ve a T3 Guzzi California that I’ve been semi restoring for 6-8 months .
Anyway before I began it started and ran fine . Now it starts fine and runs on choke great . However when I take choke of it misfires and dies on both cylinders ……… any advice ?

How old is the fuel? Did you drain the carbs before laying the bike up?..
Modern fuel doesn’t stay fresh for long & will gum up fuel systems quickly.
Assuming you haven’t touched the ignitron, my first suggestion would fresh fuel & a carb clean.


Hi Jon ,
The fuel is fresh but I didn’t drain the carbs , so suspect it could well be they are gummed up and need a session in the ultrasonic cleaner . Thanks for reply

From what you say it would appear obvious that the pilot circuit is blocked however I had a similar problem and it turned out the previous owner had the slide set on the top cable screw NOT the throttle stop screw. So when fiddling to get cable correct with slight play effectively you were shutting carb off completely. Make sure the throttle stop scre is holding the slide slightly open and there is suction by placing your hand over intake. Also no air leaks engine side :thinking:

Hi thanks for reply . I’ve stripped carbs and ultrasonic cleaned them . Also checked all jets and passages and cleaned out with compressed air .
Replace and checked for air leaks , all ok .
When I start it it runs perfect on choke . After letting warm up as soon as release choke on both carbs engine starts missing and hissing and dies .

Have you checked the fuel supply, is it flowing well, no bits coming through?
Run some into a clear jam jar and take a look at it.
When cleaning carbs, I like to poke a fine wire up the jets to make sure they are clear.
Have you tried new plugs?
What ignition system do you have? Did you change the condensors when restoring the bike? If you did, then put the old ones back on and try it again.

Thanks I’ll do all of that and let you know . I didn’t touch the ignition system so may have to check condensers :+1:

I have heard of many people having problems after fitting new condensors. Refitting the old ones cures the problem.
It seems that there are many faulty new items for sale out there.

Thanks for advice . It seems to be the same with spark plugs . A lot of bad quality stuff on market

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Hi , bit of update . Checked the petrol flow to carbs and both were being starved.
Renewed petrol taps but found it was petrol hoses ( in the x shaped hoses) that had colllapsed internally. Replaced and all ok :grinning: .
Thanks for advice :+1::+1::+1: