I have had my Guzzi about 2 years but have recently had an intermittent problem with the starter motor not turning the engine. I just get a loud click from the solenoid. The next time I press the start button the engine turns properly and starts, turn off and restart and just a loud click again. I always use a Optimate charger when the bike is not in use. The battery is fairly new 30amp hour unit. I am loathe to replace the starter as I am not convinced that is at fault unless the brushes need replacing? Any ideas would be very gratefully received.
 Tris from WatfordÂ

Not turning, could indeed be needing new brushes.

have you done the relay mod ?
sometimes the current is too low
also worth popping the motor off
cleaning the commutator, and making sure the piston is free, rub a little graphite on it
I also lightly lube the ring gear with some expensive german grease

Hi Tris
Like your ‘least first’ approach :slight_smile:
How are you with the spanners?
May be worth removing the starter and having it checked/serviced by an independent workshop. Local car repair workshops will know of a place.
The relay modification is worth doing as a stand alone modification. have you got the details?
All the best

Make up a 4’’ flying lead with a female spade on one end and the other bared to a couple of mm.
Place it on the relay (on top of the starter) terminal and short to the big +ve connection on the starter.
If this spins the starter fine you have a duff starter relay (different relay) or the mod RG mentioned needs doing.

Rebuilt the Bosch and Lucas starters I have, quite easy. Â You may find its the brushes but we’ll worth taking the unit apart to take a look

I have the same problem with my V65, coming back on the 350(ish) mile trip from Aberdeen a few days ago, I had to hotwire the starter at every stop,
I have swapped the headlight relay over for the starter relay, they hang next to one another under the lefthand side panel, and are the same units, the lights had been working fine so i knew the Lights relay was in working order, but still had starter problems, so that cancelled out the 'iffy relay ’ idea, so I looked at the fuse box removed the fuses cleaned the whole area and made sure that the fuses were tight in their holders, now it starts first time with no problems,
I guess yours could be the same problem or it could be a lazy solenoid which needs tapping with a screwdriver or whatever, course you cannot be for ever tapping it that way it will need looking at but as a get you going method it might work.

I hotwired the V65 by running a wire from the ‘live’ battery terminal to the spade connector on the solenoid thereby bypassing the relay, so it would at first appear to be just a worn out relay, but I have just swapped both relays back to the way they were, and it is now starting first time on the orginal starter relay
I think the problem is the plate on the headstock where it says MADE IN ITALY
having a rethink in my case it was all down to the fuse box, but as we know no two Guzzies are alike.

By swapping the relays you made the connections cleaner.Â
So this is looking like ‘dirty’ connectors.Â

BTW had to replace the relays in my Sprint fairing, the blade connectors DO get tarnished beyond worthwhile recovery, especially if permanently connected to battery positive, it’s more reliable to simply  buy newÂ

dont think so ,not this time anyway as the bike was in a bit of a mess when I got it and I cleaned all the electrics a short time ago, the 12 and 15 pin connector blocks under the tank, the alternator -fitted new sub loom there- and things like the fuse box, relays etc all cleaned with a electrical cleaner…
I did a report in Gamabunga re my other V65 back in March/april 2014 and I did state in that write up that “I never had any problems with the Guzzi fuse boxes until I storted out the V65, Everything was working one day but not the next” the problem was found to be the fuse box", “I think a modern fuse box needs to be fitted” but of yet have not found a suitable one.

Yeah still running the original fuse box in mine. Have had occasion to turn the fuses to get a better contact.

Also cleaned the ends on my jeans occasionally.
Can’t do that with these new fangled fuses.

Sometimes aerosol contact cleaner isn’t enough, if contacts really far gone need to scrape with knife blade until shiny, if still unsatisfactory  (or simply can’t get access in the case of multi-block pins) then only real way to be sure is replacement.Â

Those fuses have been there since I bought the bike in '84.
Wash your mouth out.