Guzzi V7 Classic Fuel Tank

Hello, I wonder if you can advise me please?
The fuel tank on my Guzzi V7 classic (white plastic from 2010) has stretched and will no longer fit on the bike. Also in my attempts to got it fitted it is now leaking as well. If I buy a new plastic tank I’m going to have exactly the same problems in a year or so.

Does anyone know if the metal tank from a V7 II is a direct replacement or if it can be adapted to fit?
This appears to be a much better option and should allow me to respray the tank without difficulty.
HELP. Geoff Lane.

I think this has come up before.
I recall that you will need to take the whole assembly of fuel pump, filter etc because the plastic tank type do not fit into the metal tank.
I am sure Baldrick or others more knowledgable than me can give you a definitive answer.

I had the same problem on my V7 Classic. In an attempt to make it fit, I tried elongating the bolt hole. Disaster !! The petrol poured out !! I bought a second hand tank, fitted it and traded it in (disclosure made !) for a new V7ii. I didn’t want the same problem again, as you have observed.

The problem appears to be the ethanol in the fuel these days. It causes some plastics to expand. It seems particularly manifest with various plastic components in vehicles built pre-ethanol. I believe the V7 chromium tanks were a particular problem as it took only a small amount of expansion before the chromium plating delaminated.

I did investigate a new metal tank, and my recollection was that it would fit, but you would also have to buy a new fuel pump too. Both articles were more than £6-700 each, new.

I think the advice I recall is to shave down the rubber bungs on the frame at the front so the tank slips a bit further forward rather than increasing the bolt hole size.
If the tank is emptied and left open to atmosphere would it shrink back down?

My thanks to all who replied.

Yes the plastic tanks are cxxp and should never have been used.
I made various inquiries about a new tank and a respray as replacements are not painted. The total cost would be something around £1500.00 and that is way too high. A metal tank from a VII might fit, but no-one would guarantee that and again the price is way over the top.
I’ve managed to source a replacement original tank from Germany for around £400.00 and that is OK. I think it has been lying on a shelf for years. It has a few superficial scratches, but more importantly seems to fit. However I will spend some time sealing it with a proper tank sealer and hopefully I can ride again and clean the air filter yearly as the service manual suggests.
I’m never going to buy a bike with a plastic tank again, and am waiting for a “Classic V85” to arrive in the showrooms. I’ll never let the V7 go, but it badly needs a sister.
My thanks again to everyone for their help. Geoff Lane.